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Invisible by day.
Expressive by night.

ICU Agents now offers  permanent structural lighting for your home or business. Practically invisible by day, our LED lighting solutions blend in with the building's fascia for a seamless look, while the color-changing lights are uniquely expressive by night thanks to a customizable color app. Install them once and let them light up your day-to-day moments, celebrations and seasons for years to come! For mood or task patio lighting, turn to our white patio lights to illuminate your space.

Festivity. All year long.

  • You'll never have to hang holiday lights again.

  • The system is rated for 100,000 hours of use.

  • Customizable for every mood or moment!

  • The only UL listed system of it's kind.

Smartphone App

  • Our standard in-range WiFi app features more than 16 million hues and fun movement settings to showcase your holiday luster, support your favorite teams and create social awareness.

Mounting options for every home.

  • The acrylic system creates a flush look, while our aluminum system features a C or CL Bend channel for added mounting options.

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